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Transformation Roadmap

You may have many questions concerning all buzzwords of SAP, knowing something has to be done, but are especially unsure about purchasing, how a planned development and the path to get there might look like. We design the future as well as the way to get there.


There is no scarcity of buzzwords in industry trends and in SAP marketing materials. Cloud vs. On-Premises? Greenfield vs. Brownfield? Industry 4.0? Simplification?

In each of these areas, companies using SAP face strategic questions, also, and especially in purchasing.

All these Questions are justified, as now is the very time to set the course for transformation and lay the foundation for the following major trends of the next 10 to 20 years. Basically, of course, you can first address the technical transformation to S/4 and subsequently review the orientation of your IT solutions in purchasing. Nevertheless, would it not be more beneficial to set larger, more sustainable goals first, so that the transformation can be steered in exactly this direction?

We help our customers precisely at these stages: Together with you, we develop a long-term and sustainable target scenario for purchasing as well as a roadmap to move from the current state to the purchasing of the future.

For example, one of our customers goals is to operate autonomous operational purchasing in 2025 and use the best possible tool support for strategic purchasing topics. Together we have designed a target picture for the IT planned development, taking the S/4 project into account. Parallel we also have scheduled individual projects in strategic purchasing for the next few years, which will be implemented step by step.


What goals are on your roadmap?

Published on 14. January 2021