Sport-Challenge 4.5

We made it! We achieved a total of 104719 minutes of sporting activities and with that exceed our goal of 100000 minutes. Thanks to our colleagues commitment towards this goal we were able to donate 19.000€ to SONAFA e.V.

Right after donating the money, SONAFA announced the construction to the residents of the village of Vedji in Benin. Mensah, one of the founders of SONAFA sent us this text:

“On Wednesday 11 January, I went to Vedji village where I officially announced the construction of three classrooms for the children of the primary school. This was done in the presence of the students, the teachers, the whole village community and the school authorities of the region. The joy of all present was immense after the announcement. There were chants, drum beats, dances. Everything took place in an indescribable atmosphere. Immediately after the announcement ceremony, the building materials, namely the iron bars for the construction of the walls, the corrugated iron for the roof, nails etc. were delivered. At the same time, two truckloads of sand and cement for making the stones to build the walls, and two truckloads of gravel were delivered to the school yard.

The community was so happy and has agreed to put out the foundation with pick and hoe itself once the construction site is marked. It wants to provide enough water for the construction workers, making the construction project not just a Sonafa thing, but a common thing.”

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Published on 31. January 2023