Sport-Challenge 3.0

- 4 weeks
- 23 colleagues
- 19,700 minutes of intense physical activity
- 10 different sports

Let's go! This results in a total of 3.296,00€.


We probably don’t need to discuss how important physical activity is for health.


With a home office workplace, the health of employees is coming more and more into focus. Besides desk work, there should be enough time and space for physical activity.


For this reason, we´ve once again launched a sports challenge to motivate colleagues even more to move, do sports, relax their minds and stay fit. To create one more incentive, the Challenge was to serve a good cause. True to the motto “Get moving, collect points, which will then be converted into a monetary donation to the flood victims in West Germany.


For 4 weeks, 23 colleagues did their best, 19,700 minutes of the sport were done in more than 10 sports.


As each activity resulted in points, at the end they were converted to Euros. And we collected 3.296,00€!


parasus rounds up to 3.500,-€ and donates this sum to Herzenssache e.V., Herzenssache e.V. ruft zur Hilfe für Kinder, Jugendliche und ihre Familien auf – Herzenssache


Thanks to the team for your commitment and team spirit! We hope to be able to make a small contribution to the support.

Sports Challenge 3.0 - Result


Published on 19. October 2021