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Supplier integration in S/4

Are you planning to enhance support/inclusion of supplier-oriented processes? (Tenders, Contracts etc.)
- Let us talk about possibilities of cloud-based purchasing support through Ariba.


“One Procurement” instead of many separate tools. This is SAP’s strategy to market and technically integrate the purchased, mostly cloud-based tools. In the medium-term, you will map all your internal purchasing processes in your ERP or S/4 system. Processes with direct touchpoints to suppliers can be mapped much more efficiently in Ariba Suite or Ariba Network. Hundreds of thousands of suppliers are already “on board” on this network and are using the processes there, be it in tenders, contract management or document data exchange. Provided you want to integrate your S/4 system towards suppliers, you could add value with Ariba Suite.

This is where we can discuss suitable scenarios for your requirements and offer you solutions.

Since we do not receive any participation/commission from software manufacturers, we guarantee you neutral consulting that is purely oriented towards your benefit.



For many customers, using the Ariba Suite or individual components does not add sufficient value, so these customers have opted for individual solutions for supplier integration into S/4. One of our customers, for example, uses our module for digital order confirmation, in which the supplier is integrated into the order process via the Fiori app. We have equivalent solutions, for example, for digital recording of services.

As you can see: Integrating suppliers into internal purchasing processes is adding a great amount of value. The extent to which this integration takes place by means of SAP Ariba or individual solutions must be decided on a company-specific basis. Let us look together to find the best way for your company.

Published on 14. January 2021