We prepare your tools and processes for a transformation

Transformation requires process definition. Processes are already defined (good or bad) and must be designed for the future. Data as well.



At some point there will be a time for every SAP system to be replaced or merged into another system. Transformation projects are quickly devised, and the first concept ideas for the new tool quickly emerge, which at least in marketing terms is much better than the previous systems. The project focus is quickly defined:

New tool, “old habits die hard”, new data

Sooner or later, however, this project will be like so many others before: You do realize that not everything was bad in the previous system. Historically, “old” processes have occasionally adapted to the organization for the better. Old data is of great value to the company. Old “lessons learned” can be easily applied to the new project and to the transformation as well. In the transformation project, old documents are hastily pulled out and attempts are made to migrate this knowledge, acquired over years or even decades and transfer it to a new tool.

This may work, but it usually does not.

Our consultants have many years of experience in SAP purchasing tools

and know the positive and difficult aspects. Likewise, we can identify “typical” problems, but also customer-specific advantages of these systems and help to transfer these as “lessons learned” into new projects. The technical transformation did not begin with the high-gloss slides from the software providers, but rather on the basis of defined processes and our assessment of the representability within the new tool.


A customer example: Thanks to many years of support in operational SRM system support, we were able tocreate a process map with various procurement processes and explain their special features. Thanks to our S / 4 competence, we were also able to roughly estimate which of these processes could be represented in S / 4 without great effort and those that should be viewed critically. This preparatory work on the transformation project resulted in a clearly customer-oriented project start into the transformation. The system design in the S / 4 project could be placed directly on a much more solid footing in order to make the project success much more secure right from the start.



How are you preparing to transform your procurement solutions? If you think you could use a few more thought impulses, please contact us.

Published on 15. January 2021