We support your decisions with assessments

We secure your decisions with assessments Automation, upgrades, transformation: all these topics generate questions that need to be answered in a well-founded manner. We have tried and tested methods to provide reliable and stable answers.



Such or similar questions will arise as a result when you exchange ideas with colleagues, employees or at fairs. Each interlocutor naturally has their own interests and opinions on the matter. Now you can take the effort to collect and weigh the arguments pros and cons. Or you can ask someone who does this professionally.

As SAP consultants, we have already highlighted exactly these questions for dozens of customers and made our advisory recommendations.


You will now object that a SAP consultancy is also interested in generating follow-up projects and will therefore tend to recommend introducing a new SAP solution. This may be the case the competition, but our main focus is to provide honestand sincere advice to our customers with a view to a long-term partnership. And for us, this also includes providing advice that deserves it’s the name and that meets your expectations.


To illustrate how we proceed, an example: A customer had heard a lot about Ariba from SAP sales and was now considering starting an Ariba project in addition to the S/4 transformation, but was not yet entirely sure whether and how exactly this would work.

During our assessment, it gradually became apparentthat the operational purchasing in purchase-to-pay had the biggest optimization potential. On top of that they could also be covered to a large extent with S/4 on-board tools.

In this particular case, we then made the recommendation to:

  1. First transfer operational purchasing to S/4 and
  2. gain clarity about any strategic purchasing processes,
  3. in order to validate how Ariba (or similar) could be used for these processes.


With pleasure: In the course of procuring services, a customer from the public sector intended to design and implement a GAEB interface for processing construction work in the ERP. Undoubtedly an important and sometimes tricky business process, which can also be very costly to implement.

In a conversation with our consultants, it quickly became clear that some other homework had to be done first. In the area of

Through these rather small adjustments, the process of service procurement could be significantly improved without having to carry out costly (and with regard to S/4 not very future-oriented) interface programming.


Therefor, if you have any questions about the process or system landscape, we should talk and discuss the planning together. Maybe we can add to their perspective and lead to a more informed decision.

Published on 15. January 2021

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