We generate more value from your existing tools

From many different customer projects, our consultants know many tips and tricks to significantly increase the penetration of the solution and thus ROI.



You know the feeling: You are carrying out a SAP implementation project, the project phases are more intensive, the GoLive is approaching, the same applies to the same applies to the blood pressure. Then: a successful GoLive, project completion party and regular operation. Once again everything turned out well. Do you find yourself in this example? Actually, many SAP projects run like this or something very similar. What we find remarkable here is that a lot of attention is paid to the investment phase and that there is a very large “management attention”. The real purpose of this investment, to bring in return, has not yet been achieved.

Now you basically have two options: Just hope that the return will also occur and possibly only look at it occasionally or optimize the ROI noticeably just now through smaller, selective improvements. We firmly believe that SAP tools can generate significantly more ROI than they do for most companies. And that is exactly why we have made “Continuous Improvement” a priority in addition to support. Of course, our consultants can resolve incidents and process errors. However, the real added valuelies in the competence to increase the ROI of your solution with many small steps and methods.


We analyzed for a customer in the public sectorafter the GoLive that some processes were still not being processed with full system support. Some commodities were viewed as “too complex” for SRM processing. After process analysis and small system adjustments, these scopes could also be conveniently procured via the SRM.

One customer in the mechanical engineering sector did not accept the SRM as much as they would have desired. The acceptance is a critical success factor, especially for a tool that relies on interaction with as many users as possible. The idea was to introduce another eProcurement tool to counter acceptance problems. However, this would have meant that a lot of the effort that had already flown into the SRM would have been largely in vain. After a system comparison, the customer decided to equip the SRM with a new interface, the UI5, and to pay close attention to user-friendliness. For standard processes, we carried out an analysis of how many clicks were necessary to complete the procurement process. Intelligent improvements in the user interface then enabled this figure to be optimized as well, with the result that there is now a significantly higher level of acceptance of the SRM tool, significantly higher process coverage, and thus a significantly improved ROI.

Although SRM was already implemented for other customers, due to internally limited capacities, roll-outs to other countries and business units were not initiated. The SRM tool, which has already been successfully implemented, was only able to show its strengths in a small part of the company. Our consultants took over large parts of the change management / rollout projects and thus ensured a ROI boost for the SRM system.


As you can see, there are several ways to optimize the added value of your SAP purchasing tools. Let us talk about the extent to which we can also move value creation levers for your SAP landscape.

Published on 15. January 2021