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Digital Order Confirmation (DOC)

The Digital Order Confirmation (DOC) allows for a more efficient order confirmation process for your SAP-System. And, as a result of this automation, your expenses will be reduced and your procedures, streamlined.


Purchasing plays a critical strategic role in ensuring a company’s competitiveness and staying ahead of the competition. Therefore, purchasing departments should focus on their core responsibilities. By implementing digital, automated purchasing processes:

Your company will be able to adapt to the demands of the digital world faster and more flexibly.

Use Case

Every purchasing executive in the purchasing department is familiar with the requirement of order confirmation. Depending on the industry and market, there can be a few, several or hundreds of order confirmations each day, that need to be sent out and processed. To send the Order Confirmation, you need to select, print out and bring the order confirmation to the post office – often with urgent deadlines. With the Digital Order Confirmation solution by parasus, your Order Confirmation will be sent automatically by E-Mail.

After the order is confirmed, there is also a significant amount of time lost, in follow ups and system updates. We help you automate this process, which will save you time and effort.

The DOC in the purchasing process

With the help of Digital Order Confirmation, you can have transparency on the next steps in your procurement journey for every order. We simplify the Order Confirmation process and make sure everything is done within a matter of minutes.

After your Purchase Order is generated, we take over and inform the supplier of the generated order. The suppliers will receive a secure link to view the details of the order as well as confirm or reject it. You, the purchaser, will be kept informed of each step digitally. As soon as the Purchase Order is confirmed, with the DOC we update the same order in your SAP-System.

Making the Order Confirmation process completely hands-free for you, from beginning to end.

You can achieve greater efficiency, reliability and transparency in the processing of order confirmations with the DOC (Digital Order Confirmation).


Why do you need the solution?

Digital Order Confirmation reduces manual processes that generate many media disruptions in procurement, which are costly and have a negative impact on data quality, processing time and transparency. Every purchasing department needs real-time data on purchase documents – including price discrepancies, deadlines, quantity variances and incoterms. This allows buyers to react immediately.

The advantages of the DOC are:

An overview of our DOC solution is availble here – Download OnePager


Learn more about our Digital Order Confirmation in a live demo via web or (if possible) on site. Our experts will be happy to clarify your questions and discuss your company-specific requirements.
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Published on 08. July 2021