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Revolution in Procurement Processes: Our Partnership With SAP

As a Silver Partner, we rely on close collaboration with SAP. Learn how we are driving the transformation to the S/4 procurement landscape together with SAP and their customers.


The successful partnership between SAP and parasus is an impressive illustration of the synergy effects that can arise when two companies combine their expertise. At parasus, we place particular emphasis on customized consulting, which enables us to understand and effectively address each client’s individual challenges. This approach has proven to be extremely valuable, especially in helping SAP customers optimize their business processes.

The collaboration between SAP and parasus has resulted in an impressive list of successful projects, including:


Central Procurement at Volkswagen Sachsen:

Through the introduction of the Automation Framework and Together with SAP, we have made groundbreaking decisions that have had a lasting impact on today’s Central Procurement. These include the Automation Framework and significant contributions to today’s Central Procurement standard.


Integration of a third-party solution at Bosch:

In collaboration with SAP, we helped Robert Bosch GmbH to integrate a third-party solution into Central Procurement for the first time. This not only helped to increase efficiency, but also provided everyone involved with valuable insights into the integration of such solutions.


S/4 transformation for Randstad, Volkswagen and Deutsche Bahn:

These are just some of the customers we were able to support on their way to a successful S/4 transformation. Through regular “What’s New Sessions”, we also ensure that our customers are always informed about the latest developments in S/4 Procurement.


The partnership between SAP and parasus goes beyond pure consulting – it enables the development of innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs while optimizing their business processes. This joint approach has proven to be extremely successful and will continue to help tackle future challenges with innovative solutions.

Published on 29. January 2021