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Our Interface Solution – PIA

The revolution in Ivalua-SAP connectivity!

Is your supplier data not (always) consistent between Ivalua and SAP? Do you block suppliers in Ivalua and yet orders continue to be placed in the SAP system?

The data model of every system is different and unique, which can lead to confusion and loss of data quality during the integration process. Ivalua currently provides standard interfaces for integration with the SAP system that are based on the IDOC structure. Particularly in the area of change management, this requires numerous enhancements and adaptations on the part of both Ivalua and the SAP system. Since the exchange of information between Ivalua and SAP is not organic, the standard interfaces are not (always) sufficient to meet the requirements of purchasing and an integrated process landscape.


PIA – Our solution for this!

PIA is an out-of-the-box interface solution specifically designed to smoothly integrate and merge Ivalua and SAP S/4 HANA processes. Our unique solution fulfills all technical requirements to ensure a seamless connection of your Source-to-Contract (S2C) and Procure-to-Pay (P2P) processes.
We at parasus have identified numerous use cases, integrated them seamlessly into the process and combined them into a transportable package.


How PIA can help you!

  1. Fastest interface implementation (up to 95% faster).
  2. Cost reduction of the development phase thanks to packaged solution (66%).
  3. Extension of SAP standards for more comprehensive functions.
  4. Process optimization through complete data exchange.
  5. Increased productivity and reusable APIs.
  6. One solution for all SAP <> Ivalua interfaces.

Whether you are a new customer, thinking about connecting the Ivalua e-Procurement solution to your SAP environment or already using Ivalua areas, the challenges of connecting both systems are now a thing of the past!

Explore our various PIA packages and find out if your desired scenario already exists.

PIA – Packaged Interface Automation – Parasus

Published on 05. December 2023