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Unveiling the Importance of Mission and Vision and Purpose: Upcoming Workshop at parasus 

In today’s fast-paced world, we think it’s important for companies to have a clear understanding of their “why”. The world, and especially technology, is evolving at breakneck speed. In other words, the environment changes too quickly. Therefore, it is enormously important to have constants that we can stick to: these are values that run through everything / in everyone. 

At parasus, we recognize the importance of having a strong mission and vision statement that encapsulates our core values and guides our strategy. Therefore, we will revisit and refine these statements in a three-day workshop with the whole team  next week. 


Why Purpose, Vision, and Mission Matter 

So why is it so important to understand our purpose, vision, and mission? The answer is that each of these elements plays a crucial role in shaping an organization’s identity and guiding its decision-making processes. 

The purpose drives entrepreneurial and guides goals and decisions. In other words, it is the answer to the question “WHY”. The question of “HOW” paves the way for vision to take shape. Briefly, vision statements describe the desired future position and sets the direction for growth and development. Finally, answering the question “WHAT” helps our organisation s define their mission. Mission specifies the products and services that will be created to deliver unique value to customers. 

In addition to that, it is useful to break down the vision into more concrete goals, behaviours and tasks.  


Preparing for the Workshop 

We are excited to be hosting a three-day workshop this week to further refine our mission and vision statement. Led by Michael Merks from Inszena Group, this workshop will be the first time that we rely on external guidance in this process, and we are looking forward to the opportunity to gain fresh perspectives. 

In preparation for the workshop we had a good number of alignment calls and, we recently had a meeting with Michael Merks to help our team better understand the importance of purpose, vision, and mission. During this introductory session, we were reminded that our goals are shaped by our core values, emotions, and beliefs – all of which are rooted in our being. We also explored the differences between purpose, vision, and mission, recognizing that while the terms may overlap, each has a distinct role in guiding our strategic direction. 

The Importance of Regularly Revisiting and Refining Mission and Vision Statements 

At parasus, our mission is based on our core values of honesty, transparency, and reliability. We always aim to empower both our team members and our customers, creating a motivated and creative work environment that arouses enthusiasm and promotes growth. Our vision, meanwhile, is “to unlock human potential” – which guides our continuous efforts to innovate, inspire, and create. 


Overall, having a clear mission and vision statement and a strong sense of purpose is essential not only for parasus, but for any organization that wishes to succeed in today’s complex and rapidly evolving business landscape. At parasus, we are looking forward to our upcoming workshop and we are hoping to learn a lot. In the meantime, we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our purpose, vision and mission journey.  


Published on 08. May 2023