Path to Efficiency: Uhlmann’s SRM and S/4HANA Transformation Journey

Packaging in transition - learn how our partnership with Uhlmann has helped to optimize the company's procurement processes as well as achieve cost savings and more agility in day-to-day operations.


Greater efficiency as the key to success. Optimizing operational processes and promoting innovation were the goals the Uhlmann Group set itself when transforming its backend systems from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA. There was also an additional focus on improving procurement processes through SAP SRM.

The initiative, which was developed together with parasus, began with a comprehensive evaluation of the existing backend processes. The enormous potential of SAP S/4HANA’s advanced features, including real-time analytics and optimized workflows, quickly resulted in a clearly defined roadmap for the transformation.

The integration of various catalogs into the SAP SRM system was a crucial aspect of this transformation. This gave Uhlmann’s procurement team seamless access to a wider range of products and services while maintaining full centralized control and compliance within the SAP environment.

The automation of back-end processes has not only optimized operational processes, but has also greatly increased overall efficiency by significantly reducing errors due to less manual intervention. This leaves more time for strategic initiatives instead of having to focus on repetitive tasks.

The transformation and simultaneous adaptation of operational processes resulted in several benefits:

Overall, Uhlmann’s track record in automating backend processes, transitioning from SAP ECC to S/4HANA and integrating various catalogs into SAP SRM illustrates their commitment to innovation and operational excellence. By embracing digital transformation and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, Uhlmann has positioned itself as a forward-thinking company, ready for further growth and success in the highly competitive packaging sector. We look forward to continuing to support the Uhlmann Group on this journey.

Published on 21. January 2021