Overhauled: A New Engine for Efficient Project Management at Netze BW

New engine for old solution - find out how we support Netze BW breathe new life into an aging project management solution, making it faster and more efficient by applying newest standards.


Sometimes all it takes is a little manual care and mechanical understanding to breathe new life into a rusty machine. This is exactly where we support the distribution network operator Netze BW by giving an aging project management application a new lease of life with the latest development standards and technologies.

The scope of the project includes the development of an in-house solution for the management of network expansion projects, the adaptation of an existing customer solution based on XFT, as well as a large number of classes, reports and database tables.

And the project goal is clear: to create a clean structure so that future developments can be easily maintained and expanded. The use of the latest technologies such as CDS and RAP not only increased performance, but also made the development SAP cloud-ready.

The targeted added value is remarkable:

The transition to a structured data and class model took place in just 7 sprints from the preliminary project to the ROI test. While performance was significantly increased, caffeine consumption was significantly reduced.


“I used to start a query with three parameters and then get myself a coffee. With the revised program, I have my results immediately, which reduces my planning time by 50%!”

Power user of the customer solution

Netze BW


A well-oiled new engine that not only sustainably improves Netze BW’s development landscape, but also lays the foundation for a successful future in the SAP Cloud. We look forward to continuing to drive innovation together with Netze BW.


Published on 21. January 2021