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BeNeering Best-Price-Logic

Realize direct savings when you shop - new feature actually finds the best price in BeNeering Guided Buying.

As a BeNeering implementation partner, we have the opportunity to experience new features firsthand. When evaluating the innovations, I found one so convincing that I think it deserves its own post. It is about the BeNeering Best-Price-Logic, which ensures that the cheaper alternative to an article is never overlooked again (something like Idealo, Geizhals or CHECK24 for products offered through external or internal catalogs).

Guided Buying is supposed to help me find the product in a quick, easy and efficient way without having to deal with complicated price comparisons. The BeNeering best-price logic does this automatically and in real time in the background.

How does it work?

When I search for a product in BeNeering Guided Buying, oftentimes products from the core range (e.g. from preferred catalogues) are displayed first and I can add an item to my shopping cart.

When adding an item to the shopping cart, BeNeering now carries out a price comparison in the background and searches all connected catalogues or shops. If a cheaper alternative is found, the following window opens and I can decide for myself which item I finally buy: the previously selected item or the identical item; only for a better price!

With this feature, BeNeering helps to reduce costs, increase purchasing efficiency and improve supplier transparency. All of this is both straightforward and in real time.

I am aware that purchasing is not just about savings. However, in my eyes, this is one of the most illustrative examples of increased efficiency combined with a user-friendly interface. And thus ultimately (in this example) a straight-forward cost-saver.

What do you think? Is that something you would / could use?

Published on 05. October 2023